Bundle Description

The Complete Master Data Analysis with Python Bundle is the best value for a comprehensive overview to doing data analysis with Python. 

The bundle contains two books - Exercise Python and Master Data Analysis with Python. There will be one video course for Exercise Python and one video course for each of the 10 parts of Master Data Analysis with Python. 

Current Bundle -  The courses in the bundle are still being produced. Currently, two of the 10 video courses for MDAP are available. A total of 900 pages of material, 400 exercises with detailed solutions, and multiple projects along with 12 hours of video are now available.

Finished Bundle - All courses are expected to be completed in the summer of 2019. There will be at least 1200 pages of material, 500 exercises and over 50 hours of video available.

Access - Once you purchase the bundle, you will have access to it forever. You will never get charged for additional courses added to the bundle at a later date.

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