Take the Intro to Data Science live in-person bootcamp with Ted Petrou

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Bootcamp Dates


Build a foundation for doing data science using the Python programming language by attending the Intro to Data Science Bootcamp, taught by expert instructor Ted Petrou.

1. Pre-course Assignments
In order to be prepared for more advanced (and interesting) topics during the live in-person classes, students are expected to complete the following assignments before the course:
  • Exercise Python
  • Intro to Pandas
  • Essential Pandas Commands

Immediately upon registration, students will be granted access to all of the pre-course assignments and a private chat room to communicate with the instructor.

2. Live In-Person Bootcamp Course
This five-day classroom course is intended to provide students with a powerful set of tools enabling you to create a comprehensive data analysis from nearly any dataset.

Bootcamp Syllabus:
Day 1: Grouping Data
Day 2: Tidy Data
Day 3: Time Series
Day 4: Visualization
Day 5: Exploratory Data Analysis

3. Capstone Project
Starting on the final day of the Bootcamp, students will embark on a final project intended to show real life application of the fundamentals learned during the week. In order to receive a certificate of completion, students must complete the capstone project.

  • Data science is a growing field with endless career potential. This course will provide you with the skills you need to launch or enhance your career in data science analysis.
  • Receive individualized direction and feedback throughout the course to ensure you are on track to successfully complete.
  • Advice and direction on a final capstone project which will show real-life application of the knowledge you gained.
  • Connect during and after the course with other attendees through a personalized Slack channel to help you continuously improve your skills.

  • Individuals or small groups with a desire to become experts at using Python to do data science.
  • Professionals who work with data on a regular basis and want to master their skills in data analysis.

This course is taught by Ted Petrou, an expert at data exploration and machine learning using Python. Over the past 10 years, Ted has taught hundreds of students fundamentals and advanced data science skills. He holds degrees in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Ted is the author of multiple popular data science publications, including Master Data Analysis with Python, Exercise Python, and Pandas Cookbook.


Pre-course Assignments
This pre-course is mandatory, and takes around 15-30 hours to complete. Students must finish these assignments in order to be prepared for Day One of Bootcamp.

Certificate of Completion
Students who complete the full course will receive a certificate of completion. Participation in the pre-course assignments, all days of the face-to-face program, and the capstone final project is mandatory in order to receive the certificate of completion.

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